How Sanigone Can Help Hairdressers / Barbers & Beauty Salons

The constant flow of customers into your premises poses several risks of contamination for your staff and clientele. The transmission of viruses and bacteria is obviously a worry. We are already helping many businesses in the personal care sector.

Now more than ever sanitisation is at the top of the priority agenda so that you can welcome your customers back and stay open with confidence. We at Sanigone would like to help you achieve this.

Viruses and germs can transmit very quickly in enclosed spaces. Screens, face masks and hand washing help stop the spread.  Using Sanigone products enable you to have complete peace of mind that all viruses, germs and bacteria together with bad smells are eradicated quickly and thoroughly leaving you to concentrate on your business. They are very easy to use and require no PPE or special training.

The Total Release takes just 20 minutes to sanitise a room up to 100m3. The Total Blast can be used as a top up to the Total Release or to sanitise a smaller room of up to 20m3 and can also be used directly onto high contact touchpoints. A short 2 second blast on door handles, handrails, equipment, furniture etc is enough to immediately banish any contaminants.

Our products can be used in all areas of the building including:

  • Treatment Rooms

  • Main Salon Area

  • Reception

  • Toilet Areas

  • Kitchens

  • Offices

Backed by three British Standards, you can rest assured that Sanigone will keep your business clean, free from germs and smelling fresh and inviting to your customers

Our Products

Total Release Room Sanitiser

Our Total Release Sanitiser is perfect for disinfectant and sanitising your beauty and barber shop to reduce the spread of germs. Great every week with up to 7 days lasting protection and covering a 100m³ area with ease.

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Total Blast Disinfectant Sanitising Spray Can | 500ml

Our Total Blast is great for using as a top up for the Total Release and being used to sanitise chairs and surface touch points after every use to help protect customers and staff from spreading germs.

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