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As a family run business we understand the importance of nurturing business relationships that help everyone to grow. 

By becoming a Sanigone Reseller, you will have the opportunity to sell high quality products at an affordable prices for your customers.

Not only will Sanigone increase your earning potential but you will be protecting more people against harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould & more.

How Does it Work?

No Monthly Licensing Fees

Unlike a franchise arrangement, we don’t charge any monthly licensing fees to be a Sanigone Reseller. All you have to do is place an order.

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What About Marketing?

It’s important to us that your investment in our products is a success, for this reason we provide all of the marketing material you will ever need to successfully promote Sanigone products online, including:

  • High Quality Product Imagery

  • SEO Keyword Focused Product Descriptions

  • Google Ads Keywords

  • Instagram Hashtags

  • All Technical Data Sheets & Certifications

  • Helpline Available For Support

Cleans &

Longer Lasting

Kills Bacteria
& Viruses


How It Works.

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A member of our team will call you to learn more about your business and arrange your custom order.


You receive your delivery the next working day, alongside all the necessary training, technical and marketing material you’ll ever need to sell Sanigone in your business.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

View the success stories from some of our current Sanigone Reseller Partners to find out how Sanigone has added value to their business.

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We founded our company Sanigone to provide families and businesses with powerful antiviral and antibacterial products that you can trust to keep you, your families, pets, work colleagues and customers safe from 99.99% of viruses and pathogens. 

We are proud of the antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral capabilities of our products and so everything you’d ever need to know is available for you to read and download right here on our website.

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