How Sanigone Can Help Education Establishments

Sanigone already protects many educational establishments from viruses, bacteria, mould and bad smells.

It is a well known fact that viruses and germs transmit very quickly in a school environment and that can cause staffing problems and pupil absenteeism. When children have lost so much time at school already due to the pandemic, it is now more important than ever to keep schools, nurseries, colleges and universities clean and germ free.

In order to learn, young children especially, touch several items many times a day so it is imperative that the spaces they are in and the things they touch are clean and germ free. To achieve this can be not only time consuming but costly.

Using Sanigone products enable you to have complete peace of mind that all viruses, germs and bacteria together with bad smells are eradicated quickly and thoroughly leaving you to concentrate on your pupils and staff. They are very easy to use and require no PPE or special training.

The Total Release takes just 20 minutes to sanitise a room up to 100m3. The Total Blast can be used as a top up to the Total Release or to sanitise a smaller room of up to 20m3 and can also be used directly onto high contact touchpoints. A short 2 second blast on door handles, bannisters, handrails, sports equipment, toys, furniture etc is enough to immediately banish any contaminants.

Our products can be used in all areas of the building including:

  • Staff Rooms

  • Classrooms

  • Gyms, changing areas and locker rooms

  • Dining Halls

  • Toilet Areas

  • Kitchens

  • Offices

Backed by three British Standards, you can rest assured that Sanigone will keep your business clean, free from germs and smelling fresh and inviting to your customers

Our Products

Total Release Room Sanitiser

Our Total Release Sanitiser is perfect for disinfectant and sanitising classrooms and areas where people will be visiting often. Great every week with up to 7 days lasting protection and covering a 100m³ area with ease.

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Total Blast Disinfectant Sanitising Spray Can | 500ml

Our Total Blast is great for using as a top up for the Total Release and being used to sanitise chairs, desks and door handles after frequent use to help protect students and staff from spreading germs.

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