How Sanigone Can Help Gyms & Sports Facilities

It is very important for gyms, leisure centres and exercise studios to not only look spotlessly clean but smell clean and fresh too. Lingering body odour is a by product of working hard and producing sweat but not nice for your clients and staff. The same applies to smelly trainers and gym wear.

Sanigone, whilst sanitising the area completely, leaves a fresh delicate pine scent which eliminates odours at source together with most viruses, germs, bacteria and more including mould.

Being able to totally sanitise each room in your gym or exercise studio every day and be confident that the area is totally free of any germs and bad odours means you can relax. The total Release takes just 20 minutes to achieve this. The Total Blast can be used as a top up to the Total Release or to sanitise a smaller room of up to 20m3 and directly onto high contact touchpoints. A short 2 second blast on door handles, handrails, furniture gym equipment such as weights and ropes, is enough to immediately banish any contaminants.

As our products can be used in any area of the gym or exercise facility including locker and changing rooms, this gives you complete peace of mind that you have protected staff and customers from hidden germs and potential health risks. They are cost effective, so easy to use and require no special training or PPE equipment.

Sanigone gives you the opportunity to save time and money on multiple cleaning products and cut down on plastic waste.

Backed by three British Standards, you can be sure Sanigone has the right product for you.

Our Products

Total Release Room Sanitiser

The Total Release can be used for disinfecting a room or exercise studio in the gym along with disinfecting locker rooms will help to combat germs, viruses and bacteria in a confined area which many people will use over the duration of a day.

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Total Blast Disinfectant Sanitising Spray Can | 500ml

Our Total Blast is perfect for high touch point areas such as handles, furniture and equipment such as weights helping to eliminate germs and viruses immediately.

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